Creating and delivering value to customers is key to any business. It however doesn’t make sense to focus on doing the same as everybody else. Based on Segmentation, Targeting, Competitor Analysis and Customer Insight, we can help you and your team understand your competitors value propositions, as well as to develop and shape your own relevant, attractive and competitive Value Proposition.

A Value Proposition can be described as the sum total of functional and emotional benefits which that a company promises that a customer will receive in return for what they pay. It can apply to an entire organization or parts thereof, such as specific customer segments, products or services.

Developing a Value Proposition is traditionally based on a review and analysis of the benefits, costs and value that an organization can deliver to its customers, prospective customers, and others within and outside of the organization. To be effective it however needs to be matched with the needs of the targeted customer segments (jobs, pains and gains), and provide better value than the competition (Blue Ocean Strategy).

We work with models as the Value Proposition Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy to develop Value Propositions for your overall business, or a category, a product or a service.

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