We are an insightful and innovative strategic business consultancy specialized in helping organizations power innovation, growth and renewal, while empowering their leaders and teams. Always from a market and customer perspective, and very often with increased market and customer orientation as a goal. We make sure to involve the client and their team to utilize their skills and develop their capabilities, resulting in insights, ownership and faster implementation.

Our target group

We focus on leaders who dare to question status quo, and intend to power the future of his or her team and organization through new perspectives, strategic thinking and market and customer orientation. Especially when it includes need for change of mindsets, new perspectives, inspiration and possible co-creation with team and customers.

Our toolbox

Our competences and experiences encompass tools and solutions to power innovation, growth and renewal for you, your team and your business. We customize our solutions as to your needs and depending on project scope and challenge.

Depositphotos_9393813_originalMARKET ANALYSIS

For us, solutions for the future always begin with thoughtful insights into the present, and then a peak into the future. From the outside-in. We strive for smart data – qualitative or quantitative depending on your need – to support you and your team in gaining relevant  insights. We utilize our international network to build a global picture.



We can help you arrange CUSTOMER SAFARIS, where you and your team get to experience first hand observations and interviews in your customers’ home turf. We can help you craft relevant CUSTOMER PERSONAS and CUSTOMER JOURNEYS and help you understand CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE as well as CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We use quantitive as well as qualitative research, nationally and internationally.


What the the future like?TREND AND SCENARIO WORKSHOPS

How do you prepare for an future unknown? Are the underlying assumptions of your organisation’s strategy still feasible? Understanding relevant mega trends and being far-sighted about your business and strategy can help you prepare for the big global changes already unfolding. We can help you and your team applying the recognized Oxford Scenarios approach to scenario planning, and discovering probable futures.



The world is changing. Faster than ever before. How does an external environment and customers in change effect your company? Where are you today? Which is your future vision? Where is the potential? Where should you play and how could you win? We can help to professionally plan and facilitate your strategy process and meetings from an Outside-In perspective.



Innovation is necessary for companies to keep up with a rapidly changing environment, innovative competitors and increasing customer expectations. Innovation opportunity can be found everywhere, even in your business model, and can be so much more than opportunities for product development. We can help you explore opportunities for business model innovation in a workshop format.



Segmentation, targeting, value proposition design and positioning are well recognized methods to categorize customers, identifying who’s problems are most attractive to solve, how to bring value to your chosen customer segments and how to differentiate in a meaningful way vs competition. We can assist you with the whole process, and co-create large parts with your team.


dreamstime_s_64428313IDEATION AND DESIGN THINKING 

Design Thinking was recently called “one of the hottest trends in business”. It originates in design, but has developed into tools that are applicable to all sorts of business problems. In short Design Thinking provides tools and methods to turn abstract ideas into practical applications for business growth. It is normally human centered and focuses on the end-user.



Innovation, growth and renewal involves people and often require teams and individuals to approach things with a different mindset and new skills. We have developed a set of trainings focused on just that. The trainings can be customized based on your needs. They can also be combined with individual or team coaching after the program to truly embed the new insights and skills into the organization.


The ostrich approach doesn't really work...CHANGE MANAGEMENT

Most organizations are not welcoming change. Many are actually sticking their heads in the sand and trying to ignore it completely. We know that doesn’t work. We can help you and your management team understand what is happening in your environment, what your customers think about you and help create a sense of urgency to support your change efforts. From the Outside-In.

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