In a world of accelerating change, disruptive innovation and creative destruction, we can help you lift your eyes to and beyond the horizon, clear the fog and choose a better path while navigating into the future. We power your future through foresight, insight, strategy, innovation, growth, and renewal. Outside-In. Inside-Out.

Who we are? A boutique size, innovative and insightful strategic business consultancy. We marry insights with strategy, design thinking, and change management. Always starting with a market and customer perspective, then helping you renew the core for you to stay relevant and attractive to your customers and your ecosystem.

We power renewal through insight, strategy, innovation, and change

Companies operate in an increasingly complex world. Business environments are more diverse, dynamic and interconnected than ever – and far less predictable. Hence, what took you here, isn’t what is going to successfully take you into the future. Our experience is that a continuous focus on insight, innovation, and renewal – for both individuals and business – is a very constructive way to cope with an environment in accelerating change. We also know that the best companies manage to optimize their current business in parallel to exploring and developing new opportunities for the future. Not there yet? We can help.

We bring an Outside-In perspective

An Outside-In perspective is an important starting point as organizations far too often focus excessively on internal issues, and forget the world around them and their customers. That means a risk of becoming out of touch with markets and customers, and – in the long run – irrelevant and obsolete. In short, adopting an outside-in approach can be seen as a risk reducer and a business insurance. First of all, it reduces the risk that the market and your customers are changing without you knowing it. Secondly, it prevents you from suddenly finding yourself left behind more agile competitors, or being disrupted. Finally, we know that a strong focus on understanding and solving customer-jobs-to-be-done will help you succeed. Challenged? We can help.

We power you and your team with modern tools and frameworks

We work closely with you and your team to help you succeed. In this process, we combine our leadership experience with a fact-based approach, and a solid market and customer perspective with modern, visual and creative tools and frameworks to unlock future opportunities. Co-creating your future while merging strategic thinking and design thinking with team development. Increasing your capabilities and competencies through training and coaching. All ultimately resulting in an in-depth market and customer understanding and new tools and competencies to drive your business growth and powering your future. Outside-In and Inside-Out.

We help create time for reflection and clarity

Our clients are most often busy and ambitious executives and leaders in large international organizations with growth ambitions and a growth mindset. Often with a strong need to reflect and look beyond the horizon. They are leaders who dare to question status quo and intend to power the future of his or her organization through an increased market and customer focus and orientation. We help find time for reflection and to create clarity – through one-to-one meetings as a sounding board and/or through executive coaching.


We tailor our solutions based on your needs.

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