We help executives and their teams navigate into the future and ride the waves of accelerating change through innovation, growth, and renewal. Always starting with a market and customer perspective. Outside-In. Often in workshop formats, co-creating the future together with our clients.

Our consulting toolbox includes tools and methods for innovation, growth and renewal – and building an organization fit for the future.

We can help you understand megatrends and scenarios and what they mean to your business; understand your markets and customers; identify key threats and opportunties on your way ahead; clarify your purpose and mission; options ahead; future strategy; help align the internal system and culture to your purpose, vision and strategy; build a customer and market oriented growth system; and support change and renewal.

We can also help cascade a group strategy into the relevant business areas. All in close cooperation with you and your team – co-creating your future.

Contact Elisabet Lagerstedt for references or more information at elisabet.lagerstedt@inquentia.com or +46 702677287.