We can help you create insight and strategy for innovation, change, and renewal.

Our Renewal Strategy methodology

  1. Project start-up and planning:
    • Together we discuss the current challenges to define the preliminary challenges the company is facing.
    • We perform a pre-study with a limited group of customers and employees, as well as desk research in order to ask the right questions and frame the project scope correctly from the start.
    • We help define, engage and support a relevant project team.
    • Finally, we develop a suggested project plan and timeline.
  2. Situational analysis:
    • Starting with your ecosystem, we map relevant megatrends, build future scenarios and do relevant market deep dives and competitor analysis to understand your current and future challenges and opportunities.
    • We involve your team in a Customer Safari, which helps the team get a first-hand feeling of your customers and their experiences and satisfaction with your company.
    • We continue with the experiences and journeys of your customers and consumers to identify the hidden opportunities and challenges in them.
    • Finally, we map how your organization sees itself and how it is performing.

Renewal strategy

Situational analysis – internal and external

Definition of higher purpose, mission, vision, and strategic goals – in three, five or ten years from now? Who are you today and who do you want to grow into? What is your future playing field? How will you make a difference? How will you be relevant? How will you create value?

How do you get to where you want from where you are right now? What options do you have? What do you need to do and when?

How do you roll the strategy out into the organization – to create




identify key threats and opportunities on your way ahead; clarify your purpose and mission; options ahead; future strategy; help align the internal system and culture to your purpose, vision and strategy; build a customer and market-oriented growth system; and support change and renewal.

We can also help cascade a group strategy into the relevant business areas. All in close cooperation with you and your team – to co-create your future.

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