In order to survive and thrive, the winning organizations of tomorrow will need to be both efficient and effective – and open, agile, learning, creative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative. At the same time.

That culture needs to be characterized by what the successful writer and psychologist Carol Dweck describes as a growth mindset, with a focus on growth and continuous learning, and the conviction that we can develop our own ability to learn new skills for solving new problems.

This also means that we will not worry overly much about making mistakes, but instead see mistakes as a part of the learning process. Unlike companies and cultures that are characterized by fixed mindsets where people worry about making mistake and rarely admit the mistakes that have actually been made since that might damage your image, or even lead to different types of punishments, like a missed pay rise or promotion.

At an organizational level, renewal and learning can take many shapes. Opening up for, and always welcoming, possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation in all areas is one way. Testing new initiative through experimentation is another way. And, along the way, it is completely natural for your teams to learn from their mistakes.

In our opinion, the companies of the future cannot survive without a growth culture. We can help you shape your future culture – a growth culture characterized by learning and a growth mindset.


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