Happy to work with the PINC Incubator!

Last week we had the opportunity to work with the newly started incubator PINC in Stockholm – with focus on Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design.

PINC is a new think-tank for radical innovation in and around the food industry. It is a green-house and catalyst for new ideas aiming to fuel business by exploring the future of great taste. As a satellite to food and beverage company Paulig, PINC looks beyond everyday product development: – “What do culinary habits look like in five, ten or twenty years? What do we eat? When, how, where – and why?”

With PINC Paulig wants to challenge conventional thinking and seek new ways for food and drink to simplify and enrich the lives of coming generations: – “It seems, the more advanced society becomes, the more we search for balance, well-being, and a happy planet, which are great opportunities for collaborating with us to create solutions for a better tomorrow.”

PINC, which just recently started, operates within Taste, Health, Sustainability, and Availability. Working with them means growing together and catching what’s unique and valuable rather than following the market: – “Enabling the birth of new products, concepts, services, and brands not yet heard, seen or thought of.”

Learn more about PINC here.


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