All companies need new sources of growth to stay attractive and relevant to their ecosystem over time.

Meet our Innovation Sprint, which is highly relevant for exploring new opportunities, adjacent to, or outside of your current core market. Relevant for both products and services.

Our Innovation Sprint is a 12 weeks facilitation led program for product, service and/or business model innovation based on design thinking, value proposition design, business model innovation, as well as a first round of rapid prototyping, experimentation and testing to reduce risk and verify the key concepts from three perspectives: customer desirability, technical feasibility, and business validity. This also means that the whole innovation team will need to get out of the office and meet customers first hand during the customer safari as well as during the testing and validation phase.

Your team

Your team of 6-12 team members (a diverse team of high potentials and high performers from different parts of the organization is recommended) will be guided by an experienced coach and facilitator throughout the project, and at the same time learn new methods and ways of working that will be very valuable to your company going forward.

The outcome of the Innovation Sprint is finally presented as team pitches to a relevant steering board at the end of the sprint.

Program overview

w1 Kick-off workshop (1 day)
w2 Customer Safari (2 days)
w3 Customer Profile and Customer Journey workshop (1 day)
w4 Ideation and rapid prototyping workshop (2 days)
w5-6 Testing and validation of key concepts, with weekly check-in
w7 Testing and validation check-in workshop (1 day)
w8-9 Next level testing and validation of key concepts, with weekly check-in
w10 Results, evaluation and prioritization workshop (1 day)
w11 Pitching preparation and training (1 day)
w11 Pitching the most promising concepts to a relevant steering board (1/2 day)

Large teams

For large teams (3+ innovation teams of 5-8 people in parallel projects), we recommend the Strategyzer Sprint for a more effective process. Please contact us for more information.


Elisabet Lagerstedt (, or +46 702 677287).