As input to Strategy Outside-In or Innovation Sprints, we often perform upfront insight and foresight work from the Outside-In.

We can for instance help estimate market size and development, identify relevant and attractive customer segments, help identify and understand the relevant market and consumer trends, organize a Customer Safari, perform a competitor analysis or benchmarks vs other industries and more.

Also, imagine having a map of the future. That’s what Foresight can help you develop. At least an envisioned future, based on different scenarios.

A Foresight Sprint can be facilitated for a small team (6-8 people), as well as for a group of 100 leaders on a leadership conference on a path to explore the future. 

A “mini” Foresight Sprint offers insights into future trends, but don’t present full future scenarios. A full Foresight Sprint is a multi-week challenge similar to an Innovation Sprint, aiming at developing three-four fully fledged future scenarios visualized and/or presented through storytelling, and finalized with a pitch to a selected steering board. 

Future scenarios will help you and your team open your eyes and realize that the world – and your industry – could unfold in different directions. It helps you explore future strategic options as well as potential future innovation areas. A great help in times of accelerating change when you need to stay open and agile to different options and alternatives as you navigate into the future.


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