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Sharing market informationRelevant market and customer information is a great help in developing strategy as well as developing and evaluating ongoing sales and marketing activities, and is today almost considered mandatory in large organizations. Gathering relevant market and customer information is however not enough. Making sure it’s shared with the right people to generate insights is what counts.

But, if you work even within a fairly big organization you have already experienced how difficult it is to create transparency on what you as an organization already know about relevant trends, your customers, your competitors and your industry. With that we refer to the different internal and external sources that the organization should or could use, the industry reports that have been purchased, the ad hoc market research that has been performed and even the different online intelligence tools you are already using. Or maybe you don’t even know what’s available, even though you suspect there may be a lot of different industry reports and relevant information around in external sources.

There is however help to get. We help organizations design and implement customized Market Information Portals. We do that in two ways. Both are simple but efficient and straight forward solutions that support decision making as they create improved transparency and accessibility of relevant market information to relevant parts of your organization. Either as part of your existing intranet, and/or as part of your existing BI:

  • As part of your intranet to create a structured, easy to find, “one-source” approach to all relevant tools, online sources, industry reports and ad hoc research. Here we can help you identify relevant content to share and design the solution, which is built together with your team.
  • As part of your BI, e.g. QlickView. Here we can help create structured input regarding total market size, to follow the overall market development over time as well as your market share development.

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