The future doesn’t just happen. You can actually proactively contribute to shaping it. Start by asking yourself: What does our company bring to the world? Does it make a difference? Are we relevant? How will we be relevant and add value in the future? Who do we need to become?

These are all key elements of your company’s purpose and vision. From time to time they need to be revisited and renewed in order for your company to stay relevant and attractive going forward.

Creating, communicating and enhancing a genuine, higher purpose provides clear guidance when you navigate into the future; it shapes an umbrella that can cover a number of different growth initiatives in rather diverse areas: it helps you do the right thing; it inspires employees, who are rarely driven by prestige or payment alone, but rather by making a difference that matters. Who does not want to contribute to a higher purpose – especially when it matches your own beliefs? A higher purpose is therefore efficient in the sense that it appeals to people’s fundamental values, such as creating happiness and the feeling of infinite possibilities; it helps people relate to and understand each other; it inspires searching out new horizons and new possibilities; it creates a sense of pride and something positive for society. Combined with supportive business values you also have an important moral and ethical compass to help guide you on your journey into the future. 

Your vision then helps you put a time frame on your purpose, i.e. where and who will your company be in five to ten years from now?

We can help you co-create the purpose and vision of your company together with you and your management team.


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