The same old thinking leads to the same old results

At best, the same old thinking lead to the same old results. Hence, we always feel especially grateful when we are able to help others discovering new opportunities and new ways of doing things.

This time we would like to say thanks to quite a few people and companies at the same time:

Thanks to Hotel Mäster Johan in Malmö city for having us for an afternoon lecture and workshop with 15 ambitious senior managers as well as CEOs from several midsize and large companies across the south of Sweden.

Thanks to Academic Search for coordinating the arrangement, and thanks to all participants for going all in! And a special thanks to Björn Almer at Barista – a great chain for Fair Trade Coffee that we love – for sharing, and presenting the background of the case that we worked on.

And finally, thanks to all the companies that spared an afternoon for their employees to discover a few new inspirational tools, that will hopefully contribute to power their future in the long run:

  • MultiQ
  • BTJ
  • Folkuniversitetet
  • Doro
  • AlfaLaval
  • Brio
  • Phonera
  • NE
  • Pastry Sweden
  • Kraftringen
  • Avfall Sverige

Thanks again!



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