In today’s accelerating change, all companies need to frequently revisit and revise their strategy to stay attractive and relevant to their ecosystem over time.  To grow, renew themselves and to innovate for the future.

Meet our process for Strategy Outside-In, which is highly relevant for a CEO and leadership team (or a BA Head and BA leadership team) wanting to co-create the strategy while challenging status quo and exploring new opportunities, adjacent to, or outside of your current core. Outside-In. Aiming at innovation, growth and renewal.

The process is a facilitator-led co-creation program tailored to your situation and needs, led by an experienced facilitator and coach. Depending on the size of the challenge it normally runs over a period of four months, in a process of several sprints and iterations.

Your team 

Your team of 8-12 team members (normally the leadership team, and/or a strategy project team) will be guided by an experienced coach and facilitator throughout the project, and at the same time learn new methods and ways of working that will be very valuable to your company going forward.

Program overview

Our process for Strategy Outside-In has four steps: strategic insight; strategic choices; strategic planning; and finally communication planning. Each step normally encompasses several co-creation workshops. A huge advantage when you get into the implementation phase as it will be “your own product” rather than something an outside consultant dropped on your desk.

A. Strategic insight

This step is all about understanding the current situation – outside-in and inside-out – as well as possible future scenarios, and what that could mean for your company. Here, it is important to get all stakeholders on the same page for you to have the same view of the current situation. We will help you get a healthy and important Outside-In perspective in parallel to your internal assessment.

B. Strategic choices

Strategic choice is all about where to play, i.e. who you want to be, and where you want your company to be in 3-5 years from now, and choosing the right path ahead based on your current situation and expected future environment. Here it is key to explore and discuss possible alternatives and make a clear choice for the next strategic period.

C. Strategic planning

A strategic plan is all about what you will do to win and how you intend to take your company from where you are today to your desired future. It should clarify goals, key initiatives, as well as actions, resources and relevant KPI for follow up. All accompanied by a brief financial plan and a short risk assessment.

D. Communicate to organization

A strategic plan is worthless unless it is known by the organization. We will help you and your team to build a communication plan for the launch and roll out of the strategy. We can also help you plan a full cascade of the strategy, from one level to the next, throughout the organization.


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