We are an innovative and insightful, boutique size, strategic business consultancy. We marry insights with strategy, design thinking, and change management. In a world of accelerating change, disruptive innovation and creative destruction, we can help you lift your eyes to and beyond the horizon, clear the fog and choose a better path. We power your future through foresight, insight, strategy, innovation, growth, and renewal. Outside-In. Inside-Out.

We have a lean and flexible organization, working one-to-one with open-minded and growth-oriented leaders and executives, and supporting their teams in creating innovation, growth, and renewal. In some projects, we beef up our team with highly specialized individuals across the world to add even more relevant expertise as input to client projects. We also work closely with other experts or consultancies to help our clients succeed – from a  trusted professor from the academic sector, a sketcher for a visualization of an important workshop, a specialist from a specific association or organization, a Ph.D. for a market or trend analysis, or an executive from another business that could see a benefit in an experience exchange. We often also involve clients’ customers in relevant projects.


Elisabet Lagerstedt
Executive Consultant, Founder & CEO 

Elisabet LagerstedtElisabet holds a Masters of Social Sciences from Lund University School of Economics and Management, and executive education from Harvard Business School, IMD, Oxford, INSEAD, and Singularity U.

Professionally, Elisabet has 25 years experience from qualified roles in business life, whereof 15 years on management team level in roles as Vice President Marketing; Director Marketing & Communications, Channels & Field Engineering; Director Marketing & Sales; and Business Area Manager. Elisabet has worked in several large companies and across a large number of categories in several competitive industries (B2C and B2B) and in multi-channel and multicultural environments.

During her career, Elisabet has attained several diplomas and certificates. She is an accredited Service Design Trainer, Business Model Innovation Coach, and ICF Coach. She is also the author of Navigera in i framtiden (“Navigate into the Future”); an avid strategist, change-maker, and certified Board Director.

Elisabet is today also a guest lecturer and a mentor at the Master Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University, as well as a member of World Future Society, the SingularityU Community, and the Service Design Network.

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Freja Borgstrand
Project Manager

Freja Borgstrand holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as a Bachelors Degree in Economics, both attained at Lund University. Freja has also studied at the Chinese University in HongKong and at Santa Barbara City College in the US. Apart from her entrepreneurial experiences from the startup world of e-commerce, Freja has also worked in banking. Her main fields of expertise are entrepreneurship, innovation, and customer relations. Freja is based in Lund, Sweden.


Kalin Radulov
Research & Analysis

Kalin_RadulovKalin Radulov holds a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from Lund University and a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Sofia University. Professionally, Kalin has worked as an analyst, consultant, and coach for several NGOs. He is a change maker with a passion for entrepreneurship and creating change for the better through education and renewal. Kalin also loves to analyze data and break down complicated problems into easy to understand facts and figures. Kalin today supports Inquentia with macroeconomic, political, market and trend analysis on a freelance basis. He is also a lecturer and mentor for several NGOs and educational institutions. Kalin is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Aiwen Hew
Research & Analysis

Aiwen Hew

Aiwen Hew holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management, and a Masters Degree in International Business from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a Bachelor Degree in Finance from the University of Queensland. She also has an executive education from the Said Business School, University of Oxford. Professionally, Aiwen has worked with diverse stakeholders of different backgrounds and cultures in international market research, trends research as well as marketing and communication for technology-focused businesses. Today, Aiwen supports Inquentia on a freelance basis with a focus on trends, especially in the areas of innovation and technological disruption. Aiwen is originally from Malaysia but has been based in Brisbane, Australia for several years.


Sabina Mehmedovic
Research & Analysis

Sabina MehmedovicSabina Mehmedovic has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University with a concentration in sociology, and a passion for ongoing personal development through open MIT and Wharton courses. Professionally, Sabina has five years of international research, analysis, and concept development experience: specializing in the development of market, product, and brand strategy, with a focus on innovation and digital opportunities. Her roles have spanned marketing, programme, and project management with both private companies and public institutions in Sweden, the Balkans, the US, and the UK. Sabina is today based in Stockholm, Sweden, where she works as a marketing manager and is part of our freelance network.


Senior Advisors

Dr. Sofia Ulver
Senior Advisor, Consumer & Social Trends Expert

Sofia Ulver-SneistrupSofia Ulver, our consumer and social trend expert, is Associate Professor, Ph.D., Consumer researcher and Senior Lecturer at the School of Economics and Business Management, Lund University, Sweden. As a researcher in academia, her research critically analyses how consumer culture(s) operate in relation to the market system and social trends in society. Sofia is also a frequently invited speaker, consultant, and analyst concerning social consumer trends and market research. There she translates scientific research into inspiring, entertaining, and most importantly thought-provoking, presentations. Sofia has access to the latest academic research within the social sciences on one hand and knowledge about practical business issues on the other. Sofia also contributes with her expertise to our relevant client projects and is based in Malmö, Sweden.


Dr. Steen Brahe
Senior Advisor, IT & Innovation Expert

Steen BraheSteen Brahe holds a Master Degree in applied mechanics and mathematics from Danish Technical University, a Ph.D. in software engineering from IT University of Copenhagen and has more than 15 years of experience in software development. He is experienced in areas as business process management, service-oriented architecture, web and mobile development with a background as Innovation Specialist at Danske Bank and Senior Software Architect at Deltek. Today Steen is the founder of Inexcel, a software innovation business with a focus on agile development in collaboration with end users. He is also our IT innovation expert. Steen is based in Höllviken, Sweden, and Dane by origin.


Anders Nilsson
Senior Advisor, Innovation & Business Transformation

Anders Nilsson (1)Anders Nilsson has a degree from Stockholm Schools of Economics in Strategic Marketing and Information Management. A long international career within Microsoft has taken him thru roles of sales and marketing, technical evangelism and business development, in subsidiaries, and at Area HQ and Corp HQ, and in senior leadership positions. Anders is today Partner of growITup and advisor on innovation and business transformation to corporations and startups. Anders is based in Milan, Italy.


Leif Wahlgren
Senior Advisor, General Management & Corporate Strategy

Leif WahlgrenLeif Wahlgren has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and extensive experience from roles as CEO and CFO in international and highly competitive environments where well-differentiated brands and innovative products make a critical difference to sales, margins, and long-term success. Leif is today also a board member at Brand Factory and based in Stockholm, Sweden.