You and your team may already have identified and developed several opportunities, ideas, and concepts that seem very interesting. You consider to move further with some of them but feel uneasy with the many unknown parameters. Here, experimentation and prioritization is the key to reducing risk, being agile and moving forward at speed. We can help.


A Test Sprint is a structured journey that starts with the basics of testing and experimentation. A first step is uncovering the assumptions that each concept is built on. We then help your team transforming these assumptions into hypothesis regarding customer desirability (do customers want it), feasibility (can we deliver it), and viability (is it good for business). Tests are then designed to validate or invalidate each hypothesis. Finally, each hypothesis is practically tested, one at the time in a structured fashion.

A Test Sprint helps your team identifying the underlying assumptions and then guides them throughout the whole testing phase. The outcome is validation or invalidation of the identified hypothesis and a substantially reduced risk to support your decision making and prioritization going forward.


There is often a large number of projects, initiatives and new concepts that compete for limited resources and attention. Too many opportunities however tend to paralyze the organization. The key is here to use a fact-based approach to overview and choose the most relevant and attractive projects, concepts and initiatives going forward and to put your resources at work where the do most good. We can help you and your team prioritize and move forward.


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