The top trends for 2017

After quite a ride in 2016 we have now reached the last day of the year. Of course we all now wonder what 2017 will bring. Taking the liberty of ignoring possible political scenarios, it seems like 2017 will be a lot about technology and digital. At least if you do a quick scan of 20 Trend Reports and predictions for 2017. Links below.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Economist: The world in 2017, or on YouTube.

Gartner: Gartners top 10 technology trends 2017, or on YouTube

TrendWaching: Five trends for 2017

TrendHunter: 2017 trend report or on YouTube 

Forbes: Top 10 trends for digital transformation in 2017

Accenture/Fjord: Fjord trends 2017 report looks at digital developments top watch

Deloitte: Tech trends 2017 (YouTube)

World Economic Forum:  Seven global medical technology trends to look out for in 2017 and on YouTube

Ericson Consumer Lab: 10 hot consumer trends for 2017 (on YouTube)

Digital Trends: 9 trends to watch… 5 digital retail trends that will be big in 2017

Brandwatch: Digital marketing trends 2017

Adweek: 6 digital trends 2017 will redefine influence and interaction marketers SEO and digital trends in 2017 8 experts predict the digital marketing trends for 2017 2017 digital marketing trends Top IT trends in 2017 2017 top 10 digital branding and marketing trends


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