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We have a deep belief that entrepreneurship – with the power to create and grow new ideas, concepts and new ventures – is key to the future. Putting those glasses on also makes us see that entrepreneurship and innovation is needed not only in new venture creation, but everywhere in our society.

To make a stand, we actively support Sten K.Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship at Lund University as mentors for master students at the new venture creation track of the masters program of entrepreneurship. We do that to invest time in our shared future, as well as to see the ambitious students on the program grow. Working with the students is also great fun on the way.

The Sten K. Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship has a pedagogical idea based on an action-oriented learning approach. It is based on three interacting parts: Action, Theory and Experience. The centre also have three legs to stand on: Education, Research and Strategic Networks to support entrepreneurship…

Education – The centre will provide education in, about and for entrepreneurship targeting national and international stakeholders, including students from all faculties and educational levels, as well as external partners. The centre will educate by an action-oriented approach conveying knowledge based on current research within the field. The education provided by the centre shall keep high quality in accordance with international standards.

Research – The centre shall conduct cutting-edge research within two research areas; entrepreneurial learning and education and business creation. The research results shall form the base of the educational activities as well as being traditionally spread via scientific publications and conferences, but also via strategic networks and activities in accordance with the area mentioned below.

Strategic networks – The centre shall initiate and develop established strategic contacts, encouraging reciprocal exchange with both national and international universities, alumni, partners from the industry and other entrepreneurial stakeholders. Targeting these groups, the centre shall execute various activities aiming for the establishment of the centre as a natural meeting point of high importance for entrepreneurial stakeholders.

We are proud to support their efforts. Why don’t you join us! Read more at the website: Sten K.Johnson Centre of Entrepreneurship at Lund University

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