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We just finished a two day Trend Watching Training with an ambitious and curious team. The program included: an introduction to a world of trends; peeling the “onion” from outside in – going from mega trends, to consumer trends, to industry trends; a real life Trend Safari; and finally transforming all of these new insights into innovation in a guided workshop.

After the training, the team had:

a) a shared understanding of what a trend is.

b) a shared understanding of some challenges and opportunities in relation to working with trends.

c) a shared understanding of different types of trends.

d) experienced a real life Trend Safari to spot examples of different trends.

e) learned a method for how to transform an observable trend into innovation.

The feed back from the participants was overwhelmingly positive:

“The best. Very concrete and relevant.”


“Really good. Time well spent.”


“Inspiring. Well structured. Eye opening.”


“So important. And fun!”


“Very good days of learning. Inspiring and eye-opening”.

We humbly say thank you very much, are so happy to have facilitated and supported the learning and development of the team in such a positive way.


Please contact us for more information about how we could help you and your team discover a world of trends, and what that could mean to your company.

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