Value Proposition Design in the Telecom industry

We were recently invited to a telecom company during part of their yearly Marketing and R&D conference to introduce methods and concepts of Value Proposition Design. Focus was on letting the team get a shared outside-in perspective, from their customers’ point-of-view. In other words, how can we work in a structured way to deliver products and services that really matter and are relevant to our end-users.

The program was partly a lectured introduction to Value Proposition Design and partly a guided group assignment where the team worked in groups consisting of mixed business functions. The group work resulted in:

  1. a shared understanding of the benefits of the outside-in perspective
  2. concrete input to an on-going innovation process for one of the company’s future offerings.

From spontaneous feedback during the workshop, we understand that working with the end-user in focus and mixing the groups with colleagues from different functions, gave both a deeper understanding of Value Proposition Design and a more creative and structured development process. The positive energy during the session was a great bonus to the learning. We are for sure looking forward to seeing the outcome of the great work that the team accomplished during the session.

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