Whether your ocean is blue or red, it isn’t calm anymore. That’s why we have developed a toolbox to help you tackle the challenges.

Who we are? An innovative, boutique size, business consultancy. We use modern and relevant methods – such as strategic foresight, market and customer insight, consulting, co-creation and trainings to help executives and their teams surf the waves of accelerating change and navigate into the future through innovation, growth and renewal. Outside-In. Inside-Out. Always starting with a market and customer perspective, then helping you renew your core to stay relevant and attractive to your ecosystem.

Who can we help? Openminded and growth oriented leadership teams and executives in large and mid sized companies with headquarters based in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Contact Elisabet Lagerstedt at elisabet.lagerstedt@inquentia.com (+46 702 67 72 87) for more information and references.