Welcome to our new Training Room

We have just opened our new Training Room. Here we will offer online trainings supporting innovation, change and renewal.

As a start, we are currently building our first online training on Change and Renewal, Outside-In,  which will be available within a few months.

Why online training? We live in a busy age and have little time to develop ourselves. On the other hand, change is everywhere, nothing is forever, and even your knowledge age. In short, we all need to stay up to date and refresh our minds to keep on adding value to our organizations.

Our online trainings will be designed to help guide you through specific challenges, e.g. running a change project, an innovation project or a strategy project. That way you will be able to learn at the same time as you accomplish something for your organization. A win – win!

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming trainings already now, please contact Elisabet Lagerstedt at elisabet.lagerstedt@inquentia.com.


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