Our approach is co-operative in nature. We believe that that you and your team need to be deeply involved in your company’s strategy and renewal process – that’s not something you should leave to an outside consultancy (large or small). To enable that we help equip you with the tools and insights to navigate and maneuver into a world of change, and help guide you through the process of innovation, change and renewal.

Our specialty is guiding you and your team through an environment in change. We very often start out with the heavy lifting on the insight side and bring those insights back to the team for sharing, discussion, and massage from different angles. Sometimes we also often involve you and your team members in the insight work – especially when it comes to understanding your customers. Because we know that first hand experiences are so much more powerful than second or third hand information.

Together we then work through relevant trends, future scenarios, market developments, customer preferences and behaviors, business models, value propositions, and more. Step by step. All resulting in strategic options helping you navigate into the future.

Contact Elisabet Lagerstedt for references and more information at elisabet.lagerstedt@inquentia.com or +46 702677287.